What Information is Required for A Home Insurance Quote

What Information is Required for A Home Insurance Quote

If you’re looking around for homeowners’ insurance, it’s best to not settle on the first policy you see. Shopping around is a good idea if you want to make sure you get the most out of the insurance you have.

Thankfully, getting an insurance quote is easy, but there’s some information you should have on hand before you get started.

Alternatively, if the overall process of finding all these quotes is too time-consuming and you want to make life easier for you, you can choose an independent insurance broker, like those at the NY Insurance Hub

Now, without further ado, here’s all the information you need to be aware of before getting quotes. 

Information Needed for a Quote 

Before applying for a home insurance quote, this is the information you should have ready. 

Size of the home: You will be asked to disclose the square footage of your home and the number of levels involved.

Year the home was constructed: This information can be hard to find but is often on the original deed or building permits. 

Construction information: most insurance companies are going to ask for details on your home like the materials used in home construction, and what type of roofing you have. 

Pets in the home: you may need to disclose what type of pets you have, and this includes the breed and weight of the pets too. 

Home insurance history: you will be required to disclose if you’ve had any home insurance claims in the last 5 years as well as who your last policies were with and if there are gaps in your coverage. 

Recent renovations: you will need to keep track of the recent renovations your home has done, so your coverage is current to the condition of your home.

Where To Get an Insurance Quote

You have some options for where you can get an insurance quote. These are the most common options. 

Independent Insurance Agent

An independent insurance agent is one that is licensed to sell insurance policies from multiple providers. This means you get a wide variety of insurance quotes, and there will be more options to choose from. In addition, it will be easier to compare policies. 

Online Offers

Using an online tool to get a quote for home insurance is the most common method. You can get an instant quote for homeowners’ insurance by entering basic information about yourself and your home into the online system provided by most insurance companies. Online statements aren’t entirely accurate; however, you can find out a general amount you can expect to pay.

Captive Insurance Agent

Someone who sells insurance policies from a single provider is known as a captive insurance agent. The fact that a captive agent is an expert in the company’s products and policy offerings is the main advantage. They can provide you with a quote for a bespoke policy and determine which discounts you may be eligible for based on your requirements. So it’s important to find expert assistance to help you find the best homeowner’s insurance in NY

What Are Some of the Factors that Determine Your Quote? 

If you aren’t aware of the factors that determine what your quote will be, you may be surprised by the outcome. 

The metrics of your home: this includes the location, size, age, and recent renovations to name a few. 

Your personal information: your marital status, any pets you may have, your credit history and claim history are all taken into account. 

Asset information: the value of your personal belongings and any additional structures in your home will be taken into consideration. 

Type of coverage: many insurance companies offer ACV (actual cash value) or RCV (replacement cost value) coverage for your home. Usually, ACV coverage is cheaper and has a lower payout and will factor in depreciation, whereas RCV offers a more comprehensive value.

Type of Policy: There are many types of home insurance policies, and HO-3 is the most common. You can choose this for broader coverage for your personal property, but it is a higher cost. 

Now that you know what is required for your homeowners insurance quotes, all you have to do is gather the information. From here, knowing which avenue to take in order to find the insurance is next, and being aware of what will affect the cost is the last step to feeling safe and secure in your home.

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